DC Photo Diary- a hot mess

Part II of the week long documentary-project I promised from my previous post. Decided to pile all the days into one long/messy blog post to save you guys from being spammed(I'm just lazy tbh).

Tuesday; 07/18/2017

after work, i walked around the neighborhood and found a H&M store around the corner; where I spent a good 15min-ish in the fitting room taking random OOTD photos (don't we all?). Also, got really attempted to buy the blue plaid off-shoulder top but ended up not getting it. 

After dinner, I walked over to the national mall to see the Washington monument at sunset. On the way, saw the white house by accident...

Wednesday 07/19/2017 
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery has a special place in my heart, especially the courtyard! Such a beautiful and relaxing place to sit around after a long tour of the gallery. 

*Reinah and her killer skills at candid captures
*really wish i could have this sofa in my living room! So unique and comfortable.  
at the National Zoo; too bad we didn't get to see many animals out
*after sending this photo to mom; she asked if the animals at the zoo ripped my shirt apart LOL
*birthday panda too busy with his cake and this is the best view we got...

 top from ZARA (it's layered with vest like on top but took apart)

Thursday: 07/20/2017
walked a lot today/each corner was special in its own way.  One funny incident was that i pumped into something and my sandal broke. So i had to tie it together with a hair-tie but lucky, there was a store near so i didn't have do the "walk of shame" for too long.
*Dress from Forever 21

Friday: 07/21/2017
top from ZARA

...Saturday record NOT found...(what did i do that day?)

Sunday: 07/23/2017
Picnic by the capital
a kind über driver recommended this pizza place called &PIZZA. "love it"

dress from LOFT

above all is a look into how I spend my time for the month I was in DC. I came to like this place a lot and the people and memory I share at this place will forever be remembered. There were times of home sickness but thankful for this experience and for constantly poking at my comfort zone. 

thanks for reading, 
xo Sonam 

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