shamelessly taking out my camera at any chance i get and try to sneak an outfit photo but it's tough when you travel alone. Your best bets are finding a flat surface in a less crowed place for self-timer photos(but still have a pretty background), being lucky enough to be around some nice strangers(esp the ones that carry a camera around) or carry around a long selfie stick(obvious red flag that symbols your touristy identity). There are some perks to being your own photographer though. such as being able to move at your own pace and not having to hear other's nag or "don't you have enough photos already" kind of comments. it's been amazing being able to experience DC in a different way this time and feeling bit sad to leave even though I still have a week left. 

p.s this post is part of a small goal i made for myself last week; to document what i wore, ate, saw each day for a whole week. so here is Monday's. 7/17/2017

"hottest week ever" "stay inside as much as you can" over heard from the radio host and surely they are right. sweating as I try to snap couple photos here and there. 

top from H&M
Skirt from Zara 

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