MN State Fair 2013 ☆

"Vans off the wall" trucker hat from PacSun
crop top sweater from H&M
Pineapple jumper from Forever21
White converse from Vans 
Lace top socks from Urban Outfitters 
Shoulder bag from Target

Yah I'm back from my first day of school now! First day of school wasn't all that exciting like how I had imagined; My schedule was a little messed up, didn't have the same lunch period with my best friend, not many of my friends were in my classes and the lunch was not super enjoyable so I was hungry on the first day. Despite the down sides of my first day of school here some are some of the highlights of the day:

  • My teachers are quite interesting and I am already loving my AP US history teacher :D
  • classmates are pretty cool and hope we can all get along well 
  • the freshmen students are soo cute even though some are taller then me lol
  • my awesome friend brought a gift for me while she was on vacation over the summer in Norway! Thank you love ha 
  • and just the fact that school has officially begun!

But anyways, here some photos that me and my sister toke yesterday at the fair..

Let them photos do most of the talking shall we...... 

People! people! people! its everywhere! 

them turkey legs are a MUST have at the fair!

they were pretty awesome(though I forgot their name)

ferris wheels ヽ(•‿•)ノ ❤ 




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