♥ HELLO September ♥

Pink top from Forever21
High waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters 
Wedge booties from PacSun 

Finally! My favorite seasons are right in the corner(Autumn and winter).  This shooting location has been on my mind for awhile but just didn't get the time till now; I think I have an obsesstion with train stations. Train stations are just too lovely. Anyways, This is my first time wearing a high waisted shorts and I really like it. It's super comfortable and makes me look a little taller. Those PacSun booties are soo comfortable and easy to walk in. It feels like you are walking on cotton clouds(jk).
P.S I am working on a short behind the scenes video so..it should be up by tomorrow or something. bye for now!♥

Things that I am looking forward to in this month:

  • Starting school :D 
  • the warm weather 
  • colorful tree leaves 
  • SWEATER days!! 
  • ...... I guess thats all 

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