Lust for Originality

Top from Forever21
Maxi Skirt from Target 

Colorblocked Sandal heel from Forever21

"In a world where you’re influenced by outer appearances, the vain desire to be thought well by everyone else consumes you—even if he or she doesn’t play a single role in your life, even if you’re putting yourself beneath them. And by allowing this to dictate who you wish to be in the eyes of others—not your own—you eventually become someone you were never meant to be. You put on a mask that becomes like your second skin, a fa├žade that becomes natural to you and false to me, constantly presenting a grand show in front of an audience that we call society. It’s all in the presentation. The performing you will always be different than the actual you, the one behind the curtains, and that’s why we crave intimacy and those who we can share our deepest and darkest secrets with. In the words of Shakespeare, all the world’s a stageThat’s exactly how we live through society: putting on an act. And with this very illusion that you fall victim to, you begin to fall in love with the idea of others—idealizing them and filling in the blanks yourself because you don’t know a single thing about them other than what you see and believe, or you mask false love with real lust (induced by appearance), or tuck away who you really are in order to please someone that will never accept you for who you really are. It’s sad, but I guess we’re all doing what we can to get by."
Brandon Li Oda 
This quote pretty much just sums up my thoughts on everyone who isn't accepting who they are and who long for others judgement to be happy. Learn to love yourself, have self confident and if you are not satisfied with yourself then change it. Take action and make changes now. Don't be regretting later on. 
I am into my second week of school now and things are getting a bit tense but not too bad. BTW..I love my AP us history teacher; he is so funny and nice and funny and nice and cute haha. Peace out till the next post 

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