Winter is warmer because of you

a thank you note to: "you know who you are...

after coming to college and not having my little sister around me, I had to depend on my friends for my blog photos.  I am someone who is shy and awkward in front of new or not-so-close people so it's hard for me to reach out to people and ask them to take photos for me. That being said, I am so grateful to have couple super supportive friends that are willing to suffer through the cold winter or hot summer days to adventure out and take photos for me. It's a blessing to know that I can call them out any time of the day and they won't hesitate for a minute and come along.  

so, thank you..

thank you for making me feel so comfortable in front the camera and for freezing your hands and toes  and not even complaining 

thank you for listening to my ideas and for not judging me

I am grateful for your support and for putting a smile on my face...
Winter is warmer because of you. 

I am wearing: 
Bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters
Pink dress from H&M similar and similar
Choker from ZARA similar

photo by: Tashi 

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  1. "Good clothes will change a person's mood, since I has a Dress “”
    ,I has no time to buy other people’s clothes."