Dear 2016

To be exact, there is only 5 days left of 2016. I am starting to conclude this year by looking back to all the things i have done this year and i am satisfied and happy. I used to have many regrets when the year is approaching its end because i felt like i did not accomplish anything. i looked at the negative side and only remembered the things i didn't do. But this year, i remember all the memorable moments I had with my family and friends. It's not that i accomplish more this year or traveled more this year but it's a shift in my way of thinking. Whenever we are reminded that the year is ending... our immediate reaction is to release a big sigh and then complaint about how we didn't get to cross of all the list on our New Years resolution. I hope that instead of being regretful about that 10% negativity, you would reflected on the other 80% of good times, sweet time you had with people you love. Be proud of the little and big things you have accomplished this year.  

Sweater from H&M (similar)
Boots from Steve Madden

 I hope you guys would remember all the good times you had this year and finish off the year on a good note!

Happy New Years! 
xo, Sonam

photo by NhasangStyle and Xinyi. 

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