Family Road Trip photo diary

This past month, my family and i went on a road trip that passed through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. I wasn't sure how this trip would turn out since we were not familiar with these places but I got to admit this was one of my favorite family trips so far. From the ever so scenic highway drives to making hot-pot in middle of nowhere in South Dakota to finally seeing my rock buddies at Mt.Rushmore to making friends along the trails in Yellow Stone and the list goes on. We were in awe at what these places had to offer. It was truly a beautiful trip and I hope these photos can do some justice to what we saw. 

p.s today's post is jam-packed with photos, just a friendly warning :)

Day 1

Badland National Park + Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota 

Day 2

Beartooth Highway and Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming

Day 3

Yellow Stone National Park and Helena in Montana

Day 4

Glacier National Park in Montana

Day 5

Last day of our trip. Heading back home through ND


I am grateful for many things but most of all, I am grateful of my family. so thankful to have such an amazing, supportive and happy people that always have each others back.  please stay happy and healthy for a very very long time. 

thank you for reading today's long post, hope you enjoyed it! 
have a lovely day! 

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