California Photo Diary Part 2|| Road Trip-Highway 1

"California's Pacific Coast Highway"  

Part 2 of the California Photo Diary is finally here! Loads of pictures for you guys to look through and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as I did when I was put all these together.         
We were on the road for 2 days and we were all constantly in awe of how beautiful everything looked. From the mountains to the beaches to the historical buildings to the little cute shops along the road... definitely lives up to the tittle of "Drives of a Lifetime"! 

now please enjoy...

* went to the beach after a drive up to the Santa Monica Mountains

            *planned to go explore "Santa Barbara Mission" but sadly we came too late so we just went around and took some pictures in front of the magical building.
*stayed over night at Santa Barbara. Had dinner at China Pavilion

*picture token on the road along the coast

*the view outside of this restaurant was just unbelievably spectacular! also the food was super delicious that I forgot to take a pic until the last minute but the food was engulfed haha

 * we constantly hopped on and off from the car to appreciate the stunning view and take pictures. This is one of my fav.

 *arrived at the historic Bixby bridge. 

 * stopped by a cute little convenience store along the way to buy some snacks after we found out  that all the camping grounds are FULL for the night. We decided to just drive straight to San Francisco.

*some photos that we capture along the road. Still in awe of how beautiful this place was! *heaven*
*arrived in SF! stay tune for part 3 of the Cali diary* 

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