California Photo Diary Part 1|| LA

During mid-August(10-17), my family and I decided to take a week long vacation to California and below are some photos that we snapped along the trip! We had so much fun and so many unforgettable memories like... discovering that I forgot my camera battery at home once landed in Cali and trying to buy one without parents knowing(FAILED), ordering to much food at KFC around midnight, taking a tour bus in Hollywood with a hilarious bus driver with a French accent, singing our lungs out with dance performances by dad and sis in the car...ahhh good times!

 After convincing myself that it's not a good idea to put all 1000+ photos in one post, I decided to upload 3 different posts just like how our trip was planned; LA, road trip along the highway 1 and San Francisco.
p.s i won't be actually posting EVERY photo but just some of my favs so i hope you enjoy it and here we go...

           My first impression of LA was "wow! so many palm trees, everywhere!"


bits and pieces from everywhere

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