Do you still pause and make a wish whenever the clock ticks at 11:11? I do. for the smallest, weirdest and silliest wishes I have made at 11:11;knowing that most would not come true, I still wish for it. sometimes, just a silly wish like, "please lets be done with homework ay 12am so I can get to bed" or "i wish I could grow a bit taller" it gives me motivation to push forward. like its a mission for myself to make this wish come true.(tho i still haven't found a way to make myself any taller...) 

lastly, I want to share this quote that I found recently that I like;

"maybe one day we'll find that place, where you and I could be together and we'll catch our dreams within the waves of change. So hear me, you are not alone." - R.M. Drake

also, many thank you to all our brave heroes today and everyday. Happy Veterans Day. 

boots from Steve Madden// cardigan from COTTON ON// dress from H&M 

PHOTO by Xinyi

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