Summer Festival

It's almost a year since i stopped blogging but now i think it about time to get back at it. Mostly because i never really stopped taking photos and have loads of photos taking up space so i thought why not. another is that i really miss blogging. There was a time where i lost the purpose because i got caught up with what others thought but now, i want to just have fun blogging without worrying about others and keep on sharing moments in my life that i cherish. so lets enjoy the ride together i guess ;) 
anyhow, went to the uptown food trucks festival yesterday with chuchu. We enjoyed some street food and the ever so hot sun. Also, bought the first sunnies in a very long time. obvs not much of sun-glasses wearer but I loved this pair from Urban Outfitters. p.s chuchu said this was the most normal one out of the ones I chose lol

 here some iPhone photos that we took in the crowd while waiting in line for food.

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