Spotless Mind

Long black cardigan and pink flower prints from: Forever21 
Black jeans from H&M
Brown boots from Pacsun
Heart shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters 

a ya ..September just flew by past me before I could even catch a breath(I'm really serious here)! Now that October is here I am really getting the feel of autumn now. More sweaters , more orange leaves, more coldish weathers..ect.

Today is our homecoming game plus dance and I am really excited. A post dedicated to today should be up if I manage to get some pics.( I don't even know what to wear yet..holy buddha!) 

 Oh by the way, the post title 'Spotless Mind' is inspired by my favorite kpop artist at the moment; Jung Joon Young  .  He just debut with his first mini album and everyone should check it out because he is a incredible rocker, has a 4D personality,  amazing vocal and he is just perfect kk. 

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